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    • Rethinking Alzheimer's : everyday a new day

    • Kocen, Susan L.
    • As the growth of our population of people over 80 years old rapidly increases in the coming decades the number of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s will grow accordingly. In our 21st century enlightened world, the body and our experiences of it...
    • Alzheimer's disease--Social aspects
    • Defining elder self-neglect : the quest for common understanding among professionals

    • Lawrence, Jennifer O.
    • Elder self-neglect is a little-studied phenomenon that often hovers under the radar and goes largely undetected by those charged with caring for some of society’s most vulnerable citizens. This interdisciplinary thesis examines the phenomenon of...
    • Older people--Care; Social work with older people; Older people--Psychology; Police services for older people
    • Personal legacy : bridging generational conflict and organizational intelligence

    • Borne, Christopher J.
    • This thesis investigates the concept of personal legacy and its capacity to enable a confluence of three powerful organizational dynamics: individual well-being, intergenerational conflict, and the transfer of organizational knowledge. Personal...
    • Knowledge management; Organizational learning; Intergenerational communication
    • For want of a nail : self-selection as a tool for welfare reform

    • Stewart, Leanne
    • When viewing responses to the issue of poverty in America, what is clear is that welfare, as an entitlement to encourage self-sufficiency and touted as removing barriers toward the achievement of the American Dream, this thesis shows that more is...
    • Poor--Services for; Poor--Government policy--United States; Poverty--Government policy--United States
    • The Curious silence of gender inequity

    • Wilson, Grace
    • Gender inequity, or the unequal treatment of individuals based on their gender is deeply engrained in our society and I believe limits our ability to create and sustain positive social change. Gender inequity is pervasive in the food system as...
    • Women agricultural laborers; Sex role in the work environment; Male domination (Social structure); Sex discrimination against women
    • Mindfulness practice and leadership roles

    • Service, Hilary A.
    • Mindfulness is derived from Eastern practice that is proving to be beneficial to many in the west, and is currently transforming modern medicine. Although mindfulness is simple in its practice, scientific research has revealed the many complexities...
    • Leadership--Religious aspects--Buddhism; Ānāpānasmrt̥i
    • Appreciative organizing : charting a course for social change

    • Parini-Runge, Shelly
    • The voices and capacities of everyday citizens matter to community progress when it comes to organizing and sustaining social change in America. Our nation’s vitriolic culture has created paradoxical situations for community organizers who depend...
    • Pressure groups--United States
    • Meaning and understanding : Christian imaginative hermeneutics

    • Carpenter, Susan
    • This thesis/project represents a discourse on the act of narrative and its relationship to a paradigm of meaning for Christian theology. Addressing this dynamic through the writings of Paul Ricoeur and other theological scholars led to the design...
    • Bible--Hermeneutics; Bible--Criticism, interpretation, etc.; Imagination--Religious aspects
    • Carbon dioxide : an invisible link between stress and chronic disease

    • Mefford, Benjamin C.
    • Carbon dioxide has been well recognized in biology and physics as an important physiological gas, yet is less regarded by the general public. Individuals generate significant quantities of carbon dioxide through metabolism of fats and carbohydrates...
    • Carbon dioxide--Physiological effect; Stress (Physiology); Breathing exercises--Therapeutic use
    • Fine art archives : SNJM art educators

    • Sammons, Leslie
    • The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, and Marylhurst University , the institution of higher learning founded by the Holy Order, maintain a collection of 20th century artwork, created by three of the Order‟s art educators who were art...
    • Art--Historiography; Art criticism; Art appreciation; Art and religion; Art--Study and teaching
    • Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale" : an account of narrative memory and dystopian...

    • Carpenter, Susan
    • This thesis examines dimensions of the literary genre known as dystopian fiction as articulated in Margaret Atwood’s social political novel, The Handmaid’s Tale. The primary assertion of this thesis is that by applying a form of literary critical...
    • Atwood, Margaret, 1939- . Handmaid's tale; Atwood, Margaret, 1939- --Criticism and interpretation; Dystopias in literature
    • Breaking the habitus : story telling to raise the social capital of older adults

    • Niro, Natasha L.
    • Social capital – the social ties of trust and reciprocity between neighbors, kin, and acquaintances – has been declining in the United States since the 1960s. The time period of this shift in social connectedness coincides with the youth and adult...
    • Aging--Psychological aspects; Storytelling--Psychological aspects; Adjustment (Psychology) in old age; Social capital (Sociology)
    • Changing gold to platinum : having a great old age

    • Metelmann, Velda Piff
    • This thesis proposes that one can have a great old age even with wrenching loss, physical pain, and financial insecurity. Literature on prejudice against old age, resilience, frailty, and strength was explored. The fear of old age, the fear of...
    • Self-actualization (Psychology) in old age; Older people--Psychology
    • "Junk for Jesus"-- the commodified gift : donation in a global economy

    • Gibson, Nancy Ann Hiett
    • The donation of used medical equipment and excess medical supplies is promoted by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as delivering needed goods to provide healthcare to the developing world. The reality is that much of what is received...
    • Gifts--Taxation--Deductions; Neoliberalism; Environmental justice
    • Mindful journey : a new vision of psychosocial intervention in early dementia

    • Davis, Colleen O'Brien
    • Over ten million people are forecasted to be living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias by the year 2030.Pharmacological treatments to prevent or even slow the progression of disease have proved elusive. Historically, psychosocial...
    • Dementia--Patients--Care; Alzheimer's disease--Patients--Care
    • Techfluenza and the generative spirit : effects of screen media on wellness

    • Allen, Elizabeth Roberto,
    • This inquiry explored the rapidly evolving landscape of human experience with respect to technology, particularly screen based media communications technology and its effects on health and wellness. Specific effects of screen media examined were:...
    • Digital media--Social aspects; Digital media--Health aspects; Visual sociology; Human beings--Effect of technological innovations on
    • Aging discourse of rock 'n' roll icons

    • Bonney, Ronda L.
    • Preconceived ideas associated with rock 'n' roll and its aging icons are currently being challenged by aging rock 'n' roll icons themselves. Most notably these rock icons continue to maintain a visual presence within the public eye to dilute...
    • Older musicians; Rock musicians; Aging--Psychological aspects
    • Towards a system of intentional human design

    • Slade, Derecus R.
    • Throughout history there have been many approaches for individuals to develop or design themselves into who they want to be. Various competing ideas, from religious, to philosophical, to scientific methods, and commercial life coaching programs...
    • Personal coaching; Self-actualization (Psychology)
    • In your own hands : personal integrity and the individual's experience of work life

    • Richardson, Jean
    • This thesis argues the proposition that key aspects of systems thinking and leadership theory are the underpinnings of Scrum’s contribution to character recovery in the workplace, an outcome which holds value for both workers and organizations.
    • Scrum (Computer software development); Project management--Evaluation; Interpersonal relations; Teams in the workplace
    • "I don't like meat to look like animals" : how consumer behavior responds to animal...

    • Blake, Michelle L.
    • As the animal rights movement enters its fourth decade, it is clear that American attitudes have evolved. Polls show that people are increasingly intolerant of animal suffering and more aware of animal causes. However, their consumption of animals...
    • Animal rights movement--United States; Animal welfare--United States; Consumer behavior--Moral and ethical aspects; Consumers--Attitudes
    • Continuing selfhood in Alzheimer's disease : the alliance partnership care approach

    • Parrish, Ronda L.
    • By the year 2050, it is predicted that over eleven million people in the United States will be affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Attitudes regarding the quality of life of those with Alzheimer’s disease have been slow to change. The belief that...
    • Alzheimer's disease--Patients--Care; Alzheimer's disease--Patients--Family relationships
    • Treating separation trauma in foster youth : mending the broken family door

    • Gardner, Christopher
    • Separation trauma is visited on an average of 280 children a day by the American child welfare enterprise. In an effort to provide and protect children from abuse and neglect a federal and state partnership has grown up around a humane and well...
    • Separation (Psychology); Child psychology
    • Coming out : sacred journey to wholeness and embodied spirituality

    • Lawson, Kevin J.
    • This thesis/project explores what makes the coming out experience of lesbian and gay men a potential sacred journey to wholeness. Additionally, it explores embodied spirituality for understanding the nature of a healthy sexual attitude in...
    • Coming out (Sexual orientation)--Religious aspects; Gays--Identity; Lesbians--Identity
    • The Rise and fall of the middle-class in the United States

    • Hart, John F.
    • This thesis explores the rise of the middle-class beginning in the 1950's and provides key statistics and industries that laid the prosperity path that lasted until 1980. At that point in time, the decline of the middle-class began; this thesis...
    • Middle class--United States--Economic conditions; Income distribution--United States; Plutocracy; Oligarchy
    • "I am eating misery" : inviting Christian compassion to the table

    • Macpherson, Victoria L.
    • This thesis proposes a compassionate Christian response to the suffering of domesticated animals that are used for food, especially those raised and slaughtered in large-scale industrial operations. The thesis begins by noting the extent and...
    • Animal welfare--Religious aspects
    • Role of faith communities in the lives of their oldest-old members

    • McCarty, Susan G.
    • The oldest-old, or those living beyond 85 years of age, is the fastest growing segment of this Nation’s population. While many will remain active and relatively healthy into their oldest years, most will suffer from multiple illnesses, and...
    • Reminiscing in old age; Narrative therapy; Legacies; Older people--Care; Older people--Pastoral counseling of; Older people--Religious life
    • African American women's role in the social club and civil rights movements

    • Frost, Marquyta A.
    • This thesis examines the role, attitude and actions of African American women in the social club and civil rights movements. A general overview of the Emancipation and Reconstruction years will be discussed to show how those events eventually led...
    • African American women--Social conditions; African American women civil rights workers
    • Phenomenological hermeneutic in art-making : connecting creativity to blind contour drawing

    • Walker, Deborah Anne
    • Blind contour drawing is an easily accessible phenomenological hermeneutic that translates the extraordinary value of art-making as a vehicle to honor one’s inherent, sacred, domain of inner wisdom. There is a palpable spiritual awareness activated...
    • Mediation--Psychological aspects; Self-actualization (Psychology); Drawing, Psychology of; Drawing--Technique
    • Integrating parish nursing with chronic care education programs

    • Bondley, Karen S.
    • The aging American population will increasingly need chronic illness care and education. As clinicians struggle to care for an increasing number of chronically ill patients, and the health care workforce faces shortages, there will be a need to...
    • Parish nursing; Nursing; Pastoral care; Terminal care--Study and teaching
    • Morality in conflict in the workplace

    • Bennett, Cathy A.
    • Conflict is still thought of as something to avoid at all costs in most organizations. Unfortunately, the way conflict is currently framed by Western society keeps it from being better understood and well managed. Most workplace conflict is...
    • Conflict management; Leadership--Moral and ethical aspects; Social conflict--Psychological aspects
    • Jane Addams : the embodiment of American pragmatist philosophy

    • Ortiz, Jennifer M. Strasbaugh
    • This thesis examined the biography of Jane Addams, Nobel Laureate and founder of Hull House, as an embodiment of American Pragmatist Philosophy. Addams was not studied as a historical figure from the Progressive Era, rather, she was considered as a...
    • Addams, Jane, 1860-1935--Study and teaching; Hull-House (Chicago, Ill.)--Study and teaching; Women social workers--Biography--Study and teaching--United States; Women social reformers--Biography--Study and teaching--United States; Pragmatism--Study...
    • Positive effects of combat in shaping soldiers' lives

    • Repp, Gary
    • In both the military and civilian culture there has been a great deal of attention and research on the negative effects of war and combat on soldiers, sometimes with a focus on fitness of our U.S. troops, and often in regard to post traumatic...
    • Combat--Psychological aspects; Soldiers--Psychological aspects; Mental discipline; Operational readiness (Military science); Psychology, Military; War--Psychological aspects
    • The Worth of water : controversy concerning charging for water

    • Flood, Marian Louise
    • Governmental water agencies endeavor to provide clean water to all householders in their service area. The agencies that now provide water service say that their prices reflect only the cost of service, without an additional charge for the resource...
    • Water-supply; Water conservation
    • Sky's body : constellations and medicine

    • Ferris, Carol L.
    • This thesis outlined the parallel and divergent developments of nature based thinking in the two cultures of Hellenic Greece (circa 460 BCE - 200 CE) and Han China (circa 300 BCE - 200 CE). It examined the development of theoretical and applied...
    • Cosmology, Ancient; Astronomy, Chinese; Astronomy, Greek; Nature, Healing power of
    • Complex trauma : impact on childhood brain development

    • Mason, Jill Mallette
    • The purpose for this thesis study was to gain information and knowledge regarding how the complex trauma of child abuse impacts brain development which influences learning and behavior in children in an elementary school setting. The research for...
    • Psychic trauma in children; Child abuse; Brain--Growth; Child development
    • Laugh the world awake : toward a declaration of liberation comedy

    • Pittman, Melinda E.
    • How does egalitarian, emancipated comedy change the world? This thesis is a deliberation on the philosophy and phenomenology of funniness as an embodied project of evolving, transcendent, individual autonomy within communitarian social justice. By...
    • Comedy--Social aspects; Social justice; Social change
    • Game changer : games as a medium for creating and influencing culture

    • Schnelle, Richard Daniel
    • It is important to recognize the role games and play have in the development of both the human species and its cultural institutions. This thesis explores the consequences of Huizinga‟s assertion that “civilization arises and unfolds in and...
    • Games--Social aspects; Play
    • Role of communication in the field of self-governance and the development of public policy

    • Harvey, Larry D.
    • Regardless of the type of government and the role each branch of government and its many agencies plays in the lives of citizens, communication is a fundamental cornerstone of every community and how it is managed. This thesis examines the role of...
    • Communication in public administration; Communication--Social aspects; Political planning; Communication policy; Government accountability; Government publicity
    • Reader of the future? : electronic books, hypertext, and meaning making

    • West, Carrie Quill
    • This thesis explores hypertext theory and theories of reading process in order to understand how reading printed narrative is a different activity than reviewing electronic narratives. Within this thesis is a new term, hypertexting, developed...
    • Literature and technology; Hypertext systems; Books and reading
    • Addressing compassion fatigue in social work : training facilitative identities

    • McConnell, Whitney
    • This thesis explores the literature as it relates to the original research question “If the ameliorative paradigm functionally defines a social worker’s professional identity, how can reframing this identity, which is currently vested...
    • Social service; Burn out (Psychology); Job stress; Work--Psychological aspects
    • Credible workplace communication : methodology and limitations

    • Todd, David L.
    • Organizational change initiatives are typically less successful than desired, yet organizations continually attempt to implement new methods and methodologies. Lean Improvement Methodologies are a proven way to achieve productivity improvements in...
    • Communication in organizations
    • Life and death choices

    • Beaumont, Kathryn S.
    • Although death is an inevitable fact of life, many older Americans avoid end-of-life planning until they face a life-threatening health crisis--if they plan at all. The question this interdisciplinary thesis asks is why and what needs to change....
    • Terminal care--Decision making; Death--Psychological aspects; Death--Social aspects
    • Sustainable servant-leader : viewing compassion through an intrapersonal lens

    • Rosario, Tiffany Templeton
    • Compassion fatigue and burnout among employees at all levels of human service organizations are well-documented conditions adversely affecting productivity and health. Many scholars have offered various solutions, some more promising than others,...
    • Servant leadership; Organizational effectiveness
    • Human struggle to create in interior design : learning through narrative inquiry

    • Suzio, Peggy J.
    • This thesis examines the role of Narrative Inquiry in Interior Design Education. When introduced into the current educational paradigm, Narrative Inquiry offers students a new way of thinking and doing with which to collect and focus resources that...
    • Narrative inquiry (Research method); Interior decoration--Study and teaching (Higher)--United States.
    • Dimensions of story : circumpolar belief through the hermeneutic circle

    • Kiczula, Leah
    • This thesis examines the myths, beliefs, and rituals of indigenous circumpolar peoples through the lens of the hermeneutic circle. In taking a hermeneutic approach to the tales of this region, one begins to understand how story, ritual, and belief...
    • Mythology, Arctic; Arctic peoples
    • Under her own power : identifying and fostering resiliency in aging women

    • Carman-Murray, Jilian
    • This thesis investigated the factors that contribute to resilience in older women to offer insight into the potential to cultivate and nurture inner resilience despite the culmination of losses over time. Resilience was examined as learned...
    • Resilience (Personality trait); Older women--Psychology; Loss (Psychology) in old age
    • Search for the historical Jesus through the eyes of the Samaritan woman at the well

    • Wilkins, Tara L.
    • Repeatedly in the New Testament Jesus and his disciples proclaim that the reign of God was open to all. The telling of the story of the Samaritan woman at the well seems to make a significant social statement. Jesus called for a new social vision....
    • Jesus Christ--Example.; Samaritan woman (Biblical figure); Acceptance in the Bible; Love--Religious aspects; Discrimination--Religious aspects
    • Darkness as a spiritual path : an interdisciplinary approach

    • Nyschens, Mia
    • It is inevitable that a person will encounter times of darkness during his or her lifetime. This thesis project asserts that these times of darkness can become fertile compost that allows for growth of new ways of being in the world, ways in which...
    • Suffering--Religious aspects; Spiritual formation--Psychology
    • Black for a second

    • Edwards, Elzy P.
    • For nearly four-hundred years, blacks in North America have survived under conditions of oppression or in environments where they are required to assimilate into communities that have historically served the predominantly white privileged culture....
    • Blacks--Race identity
    • Evolution of leadership mastery

    • Borne, Timothy M.
    • This thesis is about leadership and the path to mastery. Specifically, I will focus on the application of influencing skills along the path to mastery. Not every person who assumes the role of leader applies influencing skills at a level of mastery...
    • Leadership; Influence (Psychology); Persuasion (Psychology)


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